What qualifications should a marine surveyor have in St. Augustine?

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What Qualifications Should a Marine Surveyor Have in St. Augustine?

Marine surveyors can be essential to any potential purchase of a new or used watercraft. As such, it’s important to understand what qualifications should a marine surveyor have in St. Augustine prior to hiring one. Sun Coast Marine Surveyors is St. Augustine’s premier marine surveying company. With more than 25 combined years of experience in the industry, their experts are extremely knowledgeable and qualified to ensure that all of your needs are met for both commercial and recreational vessels. So what exactly should you look for when seeking out the services of a marine surveyor in St. Augustine?

The first qualification is experience. Sun Coast Marine Surveyors has been in business since 2007 and has serviced almost every type of vessel imaginable. Any potential marine surveyor you hire should have worked on vessels similar to the one you’re looking at purchasing, ensuring that they know what kind of problems to look out for when doing an inspection.

Another qualification to look for is certifications and credentials. Sun Coast Marine Surveyors has multiple certifications, such as NAMS-CMS (Certified Marine Surveyor) and SAMS-AMS (Accredited Marine Surveyor). These certifications demonstrate that the marine surveyor has a comprehensive knowledge of the surveying process, as well as the most current safety codes applicable to the marine industry.

In addition to certification and credentials, reputation is another major factor to consider when selecting a marine surveyor in St. Augustine. Does the survey company have a good standing with other boat owners and captains? Are there a significant number of positive customer reviews about the company online? It’s important to research the reputation of any prospective marine surveyor you plan to hire to ensure satisfaction with the outcome.

Their certifications and credentials aside, Sun Coast Marine Surveyors also employs highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about their work. All surveyors have completed courses taught by certified instructors, attended seminars, participated in conferences, and had hands-on training with different types of vessels over the years. This combination of theoretical knowledge paired with practical experience makes their team uniquely suited to provide accurate and reliable assessments of any watercraft inspected.

Furthermore, a licensed or credentialed marine surveyor should be able to provide an independent assessment of the condition of your prospective purchase in order to protect you from undesirable surprises down the line. This may involve testing equipment, inspecting components, researching previous service records, taking photos and videos, and ultimately document any issues that may arise. Sun Coast Marine Surveyors is equipped with modern technology and use only top quality test instruments so that each inspection is conducted thoroughly and efficiently.

Finally, when in search of marine surveyor St Augustine services, cost is always a concern. At Sun Coast Marine Surveyors, we offer competitive rates without compromising quality or results. We believe that each job deserves individual attention and accuracy, regardless of budget size or complexity. Furthermore, our experts take the time to explain their findings during each inspection, giving you the peace of mind that you’ve made an informed decision when investing in a boat or yacht.

In conclusion, knowing what qualifications to look for when seeking out a marine surveyor St Augustine is a crucial step in protecting yourself from future issues due to improperly surveyed vessels. With its team of experienced professionals, Sun Coast Marine Surveyors strives to provide top-tier services without breaking the bank for all clients seeking professional surveys in St Augustine and surrounding areas.r

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