Are there any insurance discounts for boats with recent marine surveys?

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Are there any insurance discounts for boats with recent marine surveys?
Many maritime individuals and owners of pleasure crafts often wonder about the benefits of a marine survey, beyond just obtaining an appraisal. One common question is: are there any insurance discounts for boats with recent marine surveys? The answer to this question varies from state to state, county to county, and insurer to insurer. Boat inspection in St. Augustine is one way you can find out what discounts your marine insurer may offer.

A boat survey performed by a certified and qualified professional marine surveyor who specializes in vessel inspections is always recommended before you purchase a watercraft. A Marine Surveyor will provide information on the condition, safety, compliance, value and structural integrity of your vessel, as well as potential repairs that are needed. Although insurers may not be legally bound to provide discounts based on the results of a survey, they do consider the findings of a survey when they price their policies. If you have recently had a detailed and thorough boat inspection in St. Augustine, it could result in lower premiums or other discounts from your insurer.

It is important to understand that every insurer has different procedures when deciding if they will offer certain discounts for vessels with recent surveys. Not all insurers offer discounts and even if they do, there are numerous factors that come into play including the type of vessel, its age, and its overall condition. It is best to contact your local marine insurer directly for specific details about any possible discounts for boats with recent marine surveys. Many times, the insurer will require an actual copy of the survey report as part of the application process before providing their final rates.

If you need help hiring a qualified marine surveyor to perform a boat inspection in St. Augustine, Sun Coast Marine Surveyorhas experienced professionals with years of expertise offering excellent services throughout northeastern Florida and beyond. It’s important to choose a surveyor that is familiar with the specific type of vessel you own and knows how to inspect for more than just cosmetic or visual defects when checking boats in St. Augustine.

Sun Coast Marine Surveyors team of experts look beyond surface appearances to uncover issues typically not seen without extensive boat inspection in St. Augustine. They also advise their clients about the vessel’s maintenance requirements and educate them on what questions to ask future buyers should they ever wish to sell their vessels. Additionally, they compare the costs of necessary repairs with market values to help you determine whether or not it makes financial sense to invest in the repairs.

To determine if you can receive any insurance discounts for boats with recent marine surveys, we recommend contacting your local marine insurer for specific details regarding discount possibilities and other terms associated with obtaining coverage for your vessel. You can also contact us at Sun Coast Marine Surveyors for assistance with finding an experienced and knowledgeable professional to conduct a boat inspection in St. Augustine at competitive rates.r

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