Are there any red flags to watch out for during a marine survey?

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Are there any red flags to watch out for during a marine survey?

Having a sound knowledge of potential issues can help you safeguard your investment in a boat or yacht. Knowing what to look for and the type of questions to ask when hiring a Marine Surveyor is essential. At Sun Coast Marine Surveyor, our experienced Marine Surveyor, based in St. Augustine, Florida, will be able to guide you through this process.

Marine surveys serve as an important step before purchasing a boat or yacht. A thorough assessment of a vessel’s condition can help uncover problems that may not have been noticed with a traditional inspection. However, there are certain red flags that should raise concerns in any Marine Surveyor.

The first thing to look out for is evidence of corrosion or water intrusion. Corrosion in electrical systems or engine compartments is a major issue that could be expensive to repair. Additionally, excessive moisture in various areas of the boat or yacht could indicate water intrusion along with wear and tear due to lack of proper maintenance.

Another red flag for a Marine Surveyor is signs of structural damage. This includes checking around the exterior for cracks in the fiberglass or other materials used in construction. Also, looking at the stringer/frame joints and flooring can reveal signs of rot and decay if left untreated for extended periods of time.

One more red flag to look out for is deteriorated seals and gaskets on the hull and deck. These need to be free from cracking and deterioration, as they are one of the main sources of water leakage in a boat or yacht. Marine Surveyors should also check propellers and thrusters for wear and possible damage, as well as the rudder system for proper alignment while under power.

Finally, older vessels should be tested for Core samples which can detect delamination and core rot. A Marine Surveyor should use special cores for these tests since they provide the most accurate data regarding the condition of a boat or yacht.

When it comes to making sure your boat or yacht is in good condition, no amount of preparation should be overlooked. At Sun Coast Marine Surveyor, our marine surveyor in St. Augustine has extensive experience evaluating boats and yachts with the expertise needed to identify any potential issues that need attention. If you’re considering buying or selling a boat or yacht, contact Sun Coast Marine Surveyor for professional marine survey insight specific to your needs.r

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