Marine Surveyor 32095 – Can I Do My Own Marine Survey?

Have you recently purchased a boat, or are you looking to purchase one? If the answer is yes, it’s important that you be aware of the role and importance of hiring a certified . Marine surveyors inspect and evaluate boats for safety and condition so that potential buyers can make informed purchasing decisions. But, with the right knowledge, can you do your own marine survey?

At Suncoast Marine Surveying, we want to help you understand the role of a marine surveyor 32095 and why you should consider hiring a professional to assess your possible new vessel. To start off, let’s discuss what defines a professional marine surveyor.

What Does A Marine Surveyor Do?

Simply put, a marine surveyor is someone who specializes in assessing and evaluating boats and ships from a structural and mechanical point of view. They have the ability to identify any problem areas. Their assessment helps you understand the exact condition of the vessel you are considering before deciding to buy it.

A marine surveyor performs this inspection either on land or on the water by conducting a thorough visual inspection. This involves checking the overall condition of the vessel as well as focusing on specific locations such as plumbing, electrical systems, and hull integrity. They can also check things like engines, navigational components, and safety equipment.

Why Do You Need A Professional Marine Surveyor?

Whether you’re buying a brand-new boat or a used one, it’s essential to know exactly what condition it’s in before you purchase it. Hiring a professional marine surveyor in St. Augustine eliminates any guesswork and gives you peace of mind when making your decision.

Even if you think you may know enough about boats to perform your own survey, there’s still more involved than meets the eye. This is why it’s recommended to always hire a qualified, experienced professional. The skillset required of a marine surveyor goes beyond the basic understanding of the structure and mechanics of a boat. The surveyor must be knowledgeable about laws, regulations, warranties, and legal paperwork associated with boat sales.

Are There Different Types Of Marine Surveys?

Yes! Certified surveyors at Suncoast Marine Surveying offer several types of surveys depending on what type of boat you are looking to purchase or sell. Here is a brief overview:

• Pre-purchase surveys: This type of survey is conducted when purchasing a boat. It includes going over anything that could indicate repair work or major problems such as structural issues, engine analysis, hull thickness measurements, and specialized testing of any onboard electronics.
• Insurance surveys: If a boat has been damaged due to an accident or natural disaster, an insurance survey helps determine just how much compensation the insurance company should cover.
• Appraisal surveys: An appraisal survey offers an accurate market value of a boat based on its condition and features. It’s often used for resale value determinations or when trying to get financing from a bank.
• Damage surveys: If your boat has suffered damage, you can hire a marine surveyor in Florida to assess exactly what needs to be done in order to restore it safely and reliably back to its original condition.
• Moisture scans: This type of survey detects any areas of moisture infiltration within the boat’s core structure that could lead to future complications.

Can I Do My Own Marine Survey?

Now that you understand the crucial role of a marine surveyor, it’s time to answer the big question – can you do your own marine survey? We don’t recommend this for several reasons. As mentioned earlier, it takes special skills and knowledge that a trained professional brings to the job that simply isn’t available to the average person. Additionally, if something does go wrong down the line due to an overlooked issue, or if there was an error in your assessment, you won’t be covered by any type of warranty or insurance protection.

When it comes to purchasing a boat, safety should always come first – so professionally assessing its condition is essential. When searching for a reliable company whose certified professionals are equipped with up-to-date training and technology, turn to Suncoast Marine Surveying for all your marine survey needs!

Marine Surveyor 32095