What Does a Marine Surveyor in 32086 Look for During the Inspection?

A marine surveyor 32086 is a professional who provides important services to boat owners and other interested parties including insurance companies, banks, lenders, governmental agencies, buyers, and sellers. As you may already know, a marine survey is an examination of a vessel and its sailing gear to determine its condition and make sure it meets industry and legal standards. The marine surveyor carries out inspections on all types of vessels including pleasure boats, commercial fishing boats, yachts, liners, tugboats, and tankers.

At Suncoast Marine Surveying, we provide comprehensive guidance to our clients when they require marine surveys. Our certified surveyors use their training and experience to assess any potential risks associated with the property or vessel being inspected. Each marine surveyor 32086 has the technical knowledge needed to carry out thorough and accurate tests on boats and can identify existing or potential problems that could affect safety or performance.

When performing a marine survey, the boat surveyor will inspect the hulls of the vessel to look for cracks, corrosion, or signs of water intrusion. They may also check for signs of structural damage caused by wear or collisions. Other areas of interest are the deck area, the helm, recreational components such as seating and sleeping quarters, electrical panels, hatches and windows, bilge pumps, fuel systems, propulsion systems, and steering systems. All regions of the interior, exterior, engine compartment, and below-deck areas will be thoroughly examined.

The marine surveyor will also examine the safety equipment and accessories on board such as life rafts, EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons), CO2 detectors, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, flares, navigation lights, and anchor lines. They will inspect these items to ensure they are all in perfect working order and are certified by the appropriate authorities. The surveyor will also take measurements of the vessel such as draft, beam measurements, length overall (LOA), freeboard heights, gross tonnage measurement, displacement weight measurements, etc.

Finally, the Marine Surveyor will take samples of water from the bilge (hold) for testing as well as conduct a hydrostatic pressure test on tanks to check if there is any leakage. Once all of the inspection steps have been completed, a full written report is generated outlining information concerning the vessel’s overall condition and a list of recommendations or remaining works that should be done to ensure that maritime regulations are met.

At Suncoast Marine Surveying, our marine surveyors provide competent services that are reliable and trustworthy so you can be assured that your marine investments are safe. We understand how important your vehicles and equipment are to you and therefore perform detailed examinations with quality results. If you need a reliable marine surveyor in Florida, please contact us for more information about our services!

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