What is a rigging survey, and when is it required for sailboats?

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What is a Rigging Survey and When is it Required for Sailboats?

A rigging survey of your sailboat is an important step in the boat inspection process. A rigging survey helps to identify any problems or areas that require attention, allowing you to make any necessary repairs or upgrades before they become major issues. Understanding what is included in a rigging survey, as well as when one should be done, can help keep your sailboat in good condition for many years.

A rigging survey will provide you with an assessment of the condition of your sailboat’s standing and running rigging – the cables and lines used to control sails, spars, and other aspects of the vessel. The surveyor will check to ensure that all components show no signs of wear and tear, are properly secured for usage, and meet safety guidelines. Additionally, the surveyor may inspect mast steps, spreaders, chain plates, shrouds and stays, turnbuckles, fittings, and wire rope halyards.

At Sun Coast Marine Surveyor – servicing St. Augustine and surrounding areas – we understand that all boats should be inspected regularly throughout their lifetime, but certain factors can prompt the need for an immediate rigging survey. If you are setting off on a long trip, it’s essential to have a survey prior to departure to ensure that everything is functioning as it should. If the boat has not been checked for an extended period of time, a rigging survey is highly recommended in order to catch any issues before they cause further damage. It’s also wise to have a rigging survey if you plan to change the type of sailing you do with your boat.

Regardless of why you are having the rigging survey done, it is important to contact an experienced and qualified boat inspector to carry out the job. At Sun Coast Marine Surveyors , our team of marine surveyors each have several decades of experience and knowledge in marine surveying and inspections. We take pride in providing accurate and thorough results for every boat inspection we conduct. Our experts will assess the current state of your rigging, as well as its suitability for the planned voyage or type of sailing being conducted. Any discrepancies will be noted and discussed with you in order to work out the best way forward.

During a rigging survey at Sun Coast Marine Surveyor near St. Augustine we use various methods to ensure that all elements of the boat are thoroughly checked: visual examinations; measurements for loosening or tightening; documentation of past repairs; and inspection of fasteners such as nuts, bolts, and pins. Following this, a full report of findings along with recommendations is compiled by our team and presented to you.

It is important not to overlook the significance of a comprehensive rigging survey for any sailboat – whether going on a short voyage or making modifications to the vessel. Doing so could put both your boat and crew in danger, so taking precautionary measures to identify any potential issues can save time, money, and effort in the long run.

At Sun Coast Marine Surveyors our aim is to make sure your sailboat remains safe for sailors while offering them an enjoyable experience on the water. Contact us today to find out more about our rigging surveys in St. Augustine area and how we can support you in ensuring that your sailing excursions are successful ones!r

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