What is the significance of a marine survey for insurance claims?

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What is the significance of a marine survey for insurance claims?

A marine survey is an invaluable tool when filing an insurance claim to determine the potential damages or losses incurred due to an incident. A trained and certified boat inspection specialist can provide valuable insight into a range of factors that could contribute to a loss or damage claim being accepted or denied. If you are a boat owner or considering purchasing a vessel, it is important to understand the key benefits of engaging a professional marine surveyor when making an insurance claim.

The purpose of having a marine survey completed prior to filing an insurance claim is to obtain a thorough assessment of the condition of the vessel. A qualified marine surveyor from Sun Coast Marine Surveyors can inspect the boat in detail and highlight any issues or abnormalities that could be relevant to the claim. Doing this provides clear evidence to support any claim as well as ensure that all documentation is accurate and in order. It is also important to note that any incorrect representation may result in the insurer declining your claim completely.

In addition to providing information related to existing damages and losses, a boat inspection specialist can evaluate the likelihood of an incident occurring again. This includes assessing maintenance records and safety protocols that are in place to reduce future risks. Having this knowledge on hand significantly improves the accuracy of the claim and the chances of it being approved.

The professional opinion offered by a marine surveyor for insurance purposes is considered more reliable than a self-assessment or survey conducted by the boat’s owner. This is because a qualified marine surveyor has specific training and experience in performing detailed inspections and will look at the issue objectively. Furthermore, Sun Coast Marine Surveyors can provide this service across St. Augustine and beyond, ensuring that all marina vessels are adequately protected should an insurance claim ever need to be filed.

Investing in a marine survey prior to filing an insurance claim can provide greater peace of mind knowing that all details have been accurately reviewed and documented. The inspection takes into account every aspect of the vessel including its construction quality, mechanical soundness, the condition of electronic systems, fuel efficiency, steering capabilities, navigation lighting, cruising speed, seacocks for water tightness, bilge pumps, trim tabs, fuel tanks, hatches, portholes, shafts and rudders. All of this information is vital for filing a successful insurance claim.

Ultimately, marine surveys completed by Sun Coast Marine Surveyors offer a range of advantages for both boat owners and insurers alike when submitting an insurance claim. That said, not all surveying companies are equal so it is essential to ensure that you select one with highly qualified professionals who possess experience in conducting boat inspections across St. Augustine or wherever your vessel happens to be located. A marine surveyor with comprehensive maritime expertise may be able to identify critical evidence which could greatly improve the success rate of an insurance claim submission.r

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