Can a marine surveyor provide recommendations for necessary repairs?

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Can a Marine Surveyor Provide Recommendations for Necessary Repairs?

When considering the purchase of a used boat in St. Augustine, Florida, it is important to have a professional marine survey by an experienced and certified marine surveyor. The report issued by a qualified marine surveyor can provide invaluable information on a vessel’s condition, document any existing damage or defects, and even suggest recommended repairs or maintenance items. Sun Coast Marine Surveyors specialize in providing thorough and accurate marine surveys of boats throughout the greater St. Augustine region.

A trained marine surveyor has the experience and expertise to examine a boat from the keel up. The surveyor will evaluate all aspects of the vessel, including the hull and superstructure, deck and cabin fittings, machinery and engines, as well as systems such as electrical, steering, fuel, and plumbing. Once the initial inspection is concluded, the marine surveyor will assign a condition rating to each area of the boat that was evaluated. Any specific findings are then detailed in the report.

In some cases, after evaluating a boat during a marine survey, Sun Coast Marine Surveyors may recommend certain repairs or maintenance items to improve safety and performance. The repair recommendations may include carpentry, engine/mechanical work, electrical/electronics, rigging, and other components such as propellers, stern wheels, and shafting.

The most common reason for suggesting marine repairs is due to an item not meeting applicable standards for safe operation. In other cases, an item may be worn or damaged and need repair or replacement. Additionally, certain marine surveyor recommendations could be for upgrades or adjustments that may be desired for improved service.

During the marine survey process, it is important for the potential buyer to accompany the surveyor whenever possible in order to help understand the reasoning behind any repair recommendations. Additionally, having the current owner present allows for clarifying questions regarding the vessel’s history of operations and maintenance practices. Sun Coast Marine Surveyor also provides a complete photographic record of all findings so that any necessary repair work can be properly evaluated by both parties involved prior to a sale.

At Sun Coast Marine Surveyors we understand how important it is to have an accurate assessment of a vessel before making any new purchase decisions. Our experienced team of marine surveyors offers invaluable insight into the condition of every boat they inspect and provide detailed reports with all their findings. If you’re in St. Augustine or its surrounding areas and looking to buy a boat, make sure to contact us at Sun Coast Marine Surveyor first!r

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