Do I need a marine survey if I'm buying a brand-new boat?

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Do I need a marine survey if I’m buying a brand-new boat?

Buying a new boat is an exciting yet stressful experience. There are many factors to consider in the decision-making process, such as size, cost, and model. But one aspect of buying a boat that is often overlooked is getting a Marine Surveyor to inspect it before you make the purchase. A Marine Surveyor from Sun Coast Marine Surveyor in St. Augustine Florida can help ease your worries about the condition, safety, and value of your boat by providing an extensive report on its condition.

Marine surveyors are experts in the assessment of boats and evaluate the vessel’s overall condition. This includes the interior and exterior of the boat, propulsion system, fuel system, electrical systems, safety equipment, navigation, steering, and more. A marine survey also includes an assessment of the craft’s market value for insurance purposes. It is essential to be sure that you will be getting what you pay for when buying a boat, so a pre-purchase inspection from a certified marine surveyor can give you peace of mind.

When making the decision about whether or not to get a marine survey before buying a new boat, it is important to remember that all boats come with some form of manufacturer warranty. However, there may also be other factors to consider and potential problems that could develop due to either improper installation or design flaws. The average price for a pre-purchase survey is usually around $1 per foot, which can be well worth the investment in order to avoid any surprises down the road.

At Sun Coast Marine Surveyors in St. Augustine Florida, our team of professional surveyors provide comprehensive inspections to ensure satisfaction and peace of mind when purchasing a new boat. We understand that boating is an expensive and lengthy investment and want to make sure that our customer gets exactly what they expect from their vessel. Our detailed reports include photographs and illustrations to describe any deficiencies or issues that come up during inspections. Regardless of the type or size of craft being purchased, we provide unbiased assessments that are backed by years of experience in the boating industry.

If you’re wondering if you need a marine surveyor when buying a brand-new boat, the answer is almost always yes. Whether it’s for peace of mind or financial security, having your boat checked by Sun Coast Marine Surveyors in St. Augustine Florida can give you insight into its true condition and save you from potential problems in the future. Investing in a survey before making a large purchase like a boat can help protect both your wallet and your interests down the line.r

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