What is a moisture meter, and why is it used in marine surveys?

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What is a Moisture Meter, and Why is It Used in Marine Surveys?

A moisture meter is an important tool used by marine surveyors when conducting surveys to assess the condition of boats, ships, and other water vessels. Moisture meters measure moisture content in wood, fiberglass, and other materials that are commonly found in marine vessels. Specifically, these devices detect the moisture content in the core of bulkheads, decks, cabins, and other areas below the surface. The information they provide allows marine surveyors to diagnose problems due to water and moisture damage aboard a boat or ship.

As a professional marine surveyor based in St. Augustine, Florida, Sun Coast Marine Surveyor relies on moisture meters to do our job properly. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and accuracy, which is why we trust moisture meters to accurately detect water and moisture in the core of a vessel’s structure.

When inspecting the interior of a boat or ship, our marine surveyors use a variety of techniques to detect potential water or moisture damage. These include visual inspection (looking for signs of discoloration, cracking in the hull or framing), tapping on surfaces (listening for unusual sounds), physical probing (using a screw driver or other instrument to poke at suspicious spots), and finally measuring the conductivity of the material with a moisture meter. The latter technique is especially helpful for finding hidden moisture in fiberglass and wood.

We use two types of moisture meters: capacitance/resistance meters (also known as pin meters) and non-destructive delmhorst meters. Capacitance/resistance meters measure electrical resistance through two pins which can be inserted into the material being tested, while non-destructive delmhorst meters measure the moisture content in the surrounding environment without the need to puncture the material. Depending on the specific model we are using, both types of meters provide digital readouts giving us exact measurements of moisture ranging from 0-100%. Low readings mean that the piece is relatively dry, while high readings indicate that there is substantial water present in the material.

As experienced marine surveyors working in St. Augustine, Florida and beyond, Sun Coast Marine Surveyor knows how important it is to be detailed and thorough when assessing a boat or ship. This is why our team always uses moisture meters during surveys, as this technique helps us accurately determine where and how much moisture may be present inside a vessel. As a result, our clients can make more informed decisions regarding their purchase of pleasure crafts and commercial vessels alike.

So when considering selecting a marine surveyor to inspect your boat or ship, make sure you look for one who employs advanced testing techniques such as moisture meters. Here at Sun Coast Marine Surveyor, we specialize in utilizing this technology — combined with our years of experience — to ensure that every survey we perform is accurate and comprehensive. For reliable marine surveying results in St. Augustine, give us a call today.r

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