What is included in a marine survey report?

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What is included in a Marine Survey Report?

Whether you are buying, selling, or insuring a vessel, having a professional marine surveyor look at it and detail their findings in a detailed marine survey report can be extremely beneficial. A marine surveyor’s knowledge and expertise provide an invaluable service for those who want to ensure that they know exactly what they are getting themselves into when it comes to making such a major purchase. But many people don’t know what should be included in a marine survey report. This article will outline what Sun Coast Marine Surveyor, a premier marine surveyor located in St. Augustine, Florida, includes as part of all of their reports.

Sun Coast Marine Surveyor begins by performing a visual inspection of the entire vessel. The inspector pays particular attention to safety equipment, the running and standing rigging, deck hardware, electrical systems, lighting systems, plumbing systems, operational machinery and controls, and other related components. They also check to make sure the hull integrity is sound. This initial inspection allows the marine surveyor to identify potential problems that exist before looking more deeply into any particular area of the vessel.

Following the visual inspection, the marine surveyor will then perform an operational test of the vessel. This includes checking for oil and fuel leaks, verifying proper operation of the engine and systems, and monitoring performance while underway. After completing the operational tests, the surveyor will provide a summary of their findings in the marine survey report.

The survey report must also include the condition of the hull, its structure, and any repairs that have been made. The inspector will also provide an opinion on the overall age/condition of the boat. Finally, any underwater inspection results will also be listed in the report. This may include observations regarding corrosion, fouling growth, cracks, or other damage that was found on the hull.

In addition to these items, Sun Coast Marine Surveyors report will also include photographs taken during the inspection and a listing of any recommendations for further investigation or preventive maintenance tasks. A copy of the report is always provided to both the buyer and seller so that all parties involved can gain a full understanding of the condition of the vessel.

At Sun Coast Marine Surveyor in St Augustine, Florida we believe that a detailed marine survey report provides valuable information to the buyer or seller, giving them peace of mind as well as providing additional security if something should go wrong after the sale has been completed. It can also provide valuable information for insurance companies that are considering providing coverage for a vessel. We have been serving the needs of customers throughout St Augustine and beyond for many years and look forward to continuing to offer our professional services for years to come. If you are in need of a professional marine survey report, contact us today and let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you.r

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