What is the process for scheduling a marine survey in St. Augustine?

Marine Surveyor St. Augustine

What is the process for scheduling a marine survey in St. Augustine?
When it comes to buying, selling or repairing any type of watercraft, there are many considerations that need to be taken into account before you can move forward. This includes making sure the vessel is properly inspected and evaluated by a professional Marine Surveyor. A can help you make important decisions about your vessel by providing an objective opinion from an experienced professional. Sun Coast Marine Surveys is proud to provide Marine Surveyor services throughout St. Augustine and the surrounding areas.

If you’re looking to purchase a new boat or have repairs made on an existing one, the first step is to determine if a pre-purchase inspection or other survey is necessary. A will provide a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the vessel before you make any commitments. The survey will include a visual examination of the entire vessel, including the power train and systems. The Marine Surveyor will also test any essential safety features, such as ladders, life jackets, emergency equipment, VHF radios and navigation lights. Upon completion of the survey, you’ll be provided with a detailed report demonstrating any needed repairs and maintenance issues that should be addressed prior to purchase or repair.

Once you’ve decided that a Marine Surveyor is needed, the next step is to schedule an appointment with Sun Coast Marine Surveys. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of Marine Surveyors will provide you with exceptional service and timely results. You can contact us via telephone or email to learn more about our services and fees. We can also answer any questions or concerns you may have before setting up an appointment.

When your appointment is scheduled with Sun Coast Marine Surveys, our Marine Surveyor St. Augustine will arrive at the agreed upon location and time for the inspection. We will begin with a thorough exterior inspection of the vessel which includes all visible components above and below the waterline, such as propellers, shafts, rudders, hatches and ports, and the deck and hull structure. Once complete, our Marine Surveyor St. Augustine will conduct an interior inspection. This includes testing systems, evaluating construction quality, verifying serial numbers, and assessing overall condition of all components and accessories aboard the vessel.

Once all inspections are completed, our Marine Surveyor St. Augustine will submit a comprehensive report detailing findings from each area of the survey. This report will include a list of recommended repairs and recommendations regarding any work that should be done before you take possession of the vessel. At Sun Coast Marine Surveys, we understand how important these surveys are to you and we strive to ensure accuracy in every report we issue so you can make fully informed decisions about your purchase or repairs.

At Sun Coast Marine Surveys, we are dedicated to providing our clients with reliable and honest Marine Surveyor St. Augustine services that meet all industry specifications and regulatory requirements. With years of experience in conducting marine surveys for vessels both large and small across St. Augustine and its surrounding areas, we have proudly earned a reputation as one of the most trusted names in the business. Contact us today to get started on scheduling your marine survey!r

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